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The Perfect Alternative to the guestbook.

Posted by Emma Gillett on

The guest book; perfect for a wedding, a friend's birthday or someone's leaving do at work.

But what if you want something different, an alternative to the guest book, but still gives you the opportunity to write memories and well wishes about the wedding, birthday or leaving do.

Examples of what you could use as an alternative.

1: Signature numbers and frame by Australian gift manufacturing Splosh. These high-quality, solid wood gifts are the perfect replacement for the guestbook. Every frame and number come with a black permanent felt tip pen. You use this free pen to write onto the White painted surface. They come in 2 styles: signature numbers which are large white number blocks which represent milestone birthdays, so 16, 18, 21, 30 all the way up to 90. Once people have autographed and signed onto the number they can place free standing on a sideboard or wall hung. All the number blocks have the words 'celebrate on your birthday' on the black foot. The other style is the signature frames. These photo frames cover all the milestone birthday like the signature numbers, but, in addition, add events like weddings, engagements, hen nights and Splosh are adding new themes all the time. These also come with the felt tip black pen ready for writing.  Both the signature numbers and frames make great gifts. You can find them here.

2: Wish Jars. These are very new to us at special occasions only just coming into the UK. Again, the wish jars have been produced by Splosh. Taking the idea from fair wish jars, Splosh took it a step further by adding special life occasions. The idea of the wish jar is you write on a piece of paper well wishes, quotes and special words then put the piece of paper into the jar. So one day the owner would read the wishes and hopefully, they would have come true. Again this is a perfect replacement for the guest book at a wedding as it allows people to still leaving special words of the happy couple. Every wish jar is made from high-quality glass, a screw on lid, 100 pieces of paper and a felt tip pen. All ready to go straight out of the box. The jars cover events like weddings, engagements, milestone birthdays like 18, 21 and 30, you're leaving.

Both these products make a thoughtful gift replacement that everyone will love and can be cherished as a memorable keepsake.

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