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LED Light Up Letters A to Z

Special Occasions Giftware

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LED Light Up Letters

Spice up your interiors or other areas that need decoration with these enchanting Carnival Light Up Letters. Now your decor will speak volumes.

  • These letters are of quite big in size and are ideal for display at carnivals and marquees.
  • These beautiful alphabetical letters and other popular symbols are very sturdy for regular use and are made of metal.
  • These illuminated pieces are pretty versatile in function.  They are ideal for a birthday party or wedding decoration.  But you can also use these splendid letter lights at your home for incredible results.
  • LED operated – Don’t get intimidated by the size of these letter lights; they do not work on electricity. The illuminated letters have battery powered LED lights installed in them. Thus, it saves loads of electric power and also your precious money and being LED they last for ages (over 30,000 hours).
  • It also means that they don’t come with clumsy wires attached with them that you’d have needed to install and conceal. No decoration spoiled.
  • A to Z and more – You can buy all the 26 alphabets lights; your name/brand name must be starting from one of them. But that’s not all; there are heart-shaped letters, star, arrow, ampersand and more symbols that you can opt for.

Carnival Light Up Letters Now in stock at Special Occasions, Call 0121 747 1500 to secure your light letters.  

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