Glassware & Vases

Lolita Glassware

It all started with a girls’ night out… one that contained more than the usual laughter and fun. Browsing for the first time through a Martini menu, Lolita was inspired by the recipes.

Amelia Art Glass

Amelia Art Glass Ltd started in early 1990. We have close ties to Eastern Europe, our main factory being in Poland.  We also have a factory in Romania. Our work started with the co-operativa and progressed from there; we also import traditional games from the southern region of Poland. You will see on the website, a small section of games that we still import. Amelia Art Glass Ltd; is one of the largest importers of this type and style of glassware in the UK; we are introducing new products and shapes all the time. All our glassware is mouth blown and hand decorated using the traditional methods you will see this from the factory pictures of artists at work.